I aim to quickly describe my thought process that may differ from yours. I willfully filter information at the sensory gate before allowing it to enter the mind. You walk into a bar and see everything but quickly cancel the things that don’t deserve notice; then you focus an instant, one by one, on pertinent items or spaces and allow the ones you desire to engrain in short term memory. Then you pick from among those-even while moving and seeing the whole bar afresh- the few things that you want to ponder. Then you ponder.

Females and kids don’t usually perceive in this way, but instead flash from one big picture or thought to the next, and feel each. That’s wasteful. Athletes move gracefully about canceling undesired thoughts by their physical movement while zeroing in on what they do want, yet jocks in general are passive thinkers. That’s molasses. Scientists stop-frame one item after another and further process- compare each and to their life memories- to infer conclusions. They are ‘good’ scientists if everything in the universe has equal value. Religious people believing in an outside control show the blank but eager faces of bulldogs never having gotten the bone. The insane have a motion picture of perception without being able to stop and frame a single item. City people unconsciously run every thought through a template of people representations from their pasts. That’s pollution. Speculators to succeed must train themselves toward a checkers mentality of the repetitive three-steps of over-sweep, breakdown into subgroups, comparison, and all the while trying to keep the present, past and future separate. Chess is a more powerful game of survivors where the thought arena is constricted and the variables fewer with those individual pieces having wide-swinging strengths that must be controlled. That’s sublime. Dogs are able to mull over only what they have repeated in experience while they overlook all else in the field until something odd pops up. That’s happiness. Cats, with the slightest hint of thought, make the greatest mental leap and physical moves on earth, and are dangerous to a person like me. Who knows how frogs think?

These certainly are quick off-the-cuff generalities on the way I think as self-studied in the nightly laboratory of bars around the country for nearly 10,000 consecutive nights. I never drank, only thank. I believe in bio-psychology, the biological factors of thought and behavior. The mechanics of seeing the world every waking second as a chess player and dancer, the supreme thinker and mover, truly racks the mind and body. When I was a heavier thinker, my facial and brain vascular musculature tightened so that at the end of some days I fell into bed feeling like Officer Bill McCarthy after pounding his head to ask a string of suspects if any wanted to resist arrest. However, 99% of the thinking population is passive users of the mind allowing the fruitful unconscious rather than the more controllable conscious to steer their choices. That’s sad, but there’s help. One may improve his perception, acuity and stamina by exercising the mechanical process via reading books, reading people, and just plain thinking. Beware that you can overthink and become entrapped a la the bulging body builder who doesn’t know when to stop. For example, after writing from October 1 to Halloween, I feel with one hand my tight face and within the thoughts that come either too swiftly or stay too long. On the other hand, it’s a short time before the green rattlesnakes clear and the moon rises full over the Mojave Crossing and I take a long hike to get better.