A great experiences, better than Disneyland, is going into a court of law… as a spectator. It should be a requirement at every high school. It’s as simple as putting on your casual clothes. Go to the county, district or state courthouse: You walk through a metal detector and are suddenly in a long hallway with many doors right and left. Choose any, and step in quietly, with your cell phone turned off. The doors lead to the various adjudications: felony, drug, civil, traffic, small claims, family, juvenile, probate, and municipal. The door opens to a small stage setting, and you sit in the pews in the back. You may stay as long as you wish for free, and the bailiff doesn’t bother you as long as you don’t scream or nod off.  I’ve found most judges coast to coast  to be geniuses, although sometimes biased. My conclusion is the District Attorneys have sold their souls, the defense attorneys are inspirational, and public defenders are bound for sainthood. One benefit is that you’ll have done your homework in the event of getting arrested. I personally have been a defendant in court a dozen times on matters of jaywalking, trespass and vagrancy. As Jack Black said, ‘You Can’t Win’, however, the law itself is beautiful. Going to court as a viewer is more dramatic than Perry Mason. The only reason i stopped going is because the bailiff kicked me out for slouching in the pew.