Ten tips, if you please. Whom should I give to? bores to the heart at the fingertips of every beggar.

1   When I receive something of value then I give back in same, whether it’s to a beggar or otherwise.

2   If the beggar is a hard case cripple then I give unless he’s in a pool of givers, which is usually the case.

3   Don’t cave into children because they’re usually sent by parents or older siblings,

4    I’ve never met a down-and-out female.

5   You may know anyone not as a beggar but an honest person by his condition: bright eyed but thin from lack of nutrition is in need.

6   You may know a needy person by his acceptance of a meal instead of money for the story of his life.

7   Never give to anyone with alcohol on his breath.

8   Never give to the mother of many children.

9    Don’t make favorites; a panhandler with one favorite has many.

10. Don’t yield to an animal act such as the mouse riding a cat riding a dog.