There has been bad blood between the local librarian and me that was settled today as the smoke cleared the room.

A high schooler I know from subbing walked up to the librarian to ask for for a good book to read. I shot across the room, “Try the three most useful books from my lifetime. The first is The Memory Book by Lucas & Lorraine. You will study faster with less effort to get better grades.”

“What’s the second?” asked the drawn student.

What Smart Students Know by Adam Robinson. There are a hundred tricks to study and test taking beyond being just smart.”

“And the third?” spoke the librarian for the first time to me …

The Ayn Rand Lexicon,” I replied. “This stock turns the reader into an objectivist in one sitting.”

One by one, the librarian typed the titles into the library computer and came up with zero. As quickly she ordered them …

Then she looked up and smiled, “These books are peacemakers.”