I have been in Baja, Mexico for two weeks of hiking. I walked from the Sea of Cortez to the Pacific Ocean via the ruins of the mission Santa Maria in five days. There were serious times without water in the mountains above the Pacific. I found a windmill and sat on my pack with a belly full of salt water, surrounded by ten horses and a burrow deciding which direction to go. I was rescued by a fisherman who took me to the bucolic bay of Puerto Conejos on the ocean, a shanty camp of eight fishermen.

I awoke the next morning in a shack on the bay with the campo empty of people, and a Destroyer lying a half-mile off in the bay. A Swat Team of four, in black ‘Marina‘ (Navy) uniforms with AK-47’s landed on the shantytown beach for the first time in history to investigate the gringo that traveled by foot.

They suspected drug trafficking but were friendly on discovering that I had walked five days from shore to shore. They released me into my own custody; and I walked to the remote ruins of Mission San Fernando, and on to Mission Camolejue, and then took a bus here to Bahia de los Angeles.