I am 20-40. I think glasses, on most people, are a scam by the vision industry. That eyesight can be improved by eye exercises such as the Tibetian Eye Chart and reading books upside down is not today’s topic. There is a quicker way for many of us to rid ourselves of the supercilious optometrist.

Reading glasses are required by some of us in the later years of life. These require no prescription, ophthalmologist or optometrist. You can buy them with 1.00 magnification or greater for ten bucks at many chain stores. Mine at this moment are 1.25 magnification and called ‘weak’ reading glasses, but do the trick.

Skinflints will be delighted to hear that the same reading glasses are had for a buck at the Dollar Stores chains, and that is where this story takes a twist.

Your eye doctor has told you that non-prescription reading glasses will not work for you because the lenses have equal magnification. Your eyes, like mine, are asymmetrically sighted — one is stronger than the other — so there you are. Until I dropped mine yesterday.

One lens fell out and tinkled unseen beneath the computer desk. Serendipitously, it was the one for my normal vision eye. In fact, after replacing the glasses on my ears and nose I sat and read for ten minutes before realizing one lens was missing. I resolved to seem to see better with both eyes and one lens than previously with both lenses intact. I did further experimentation until lunch to bear this out.

Then I went out and bought another pair of reading glasses with just 1.00 magnification for a buck. I bent the frame slightly to remove one lens and inserted it into the open frame of the original pair. Now I began to read and write with a pair of $2 hybrid glasses: 1.00 and 1.25.

My vision is excellent as you can see by the punctuation, and I am a richer man! Your online optometrist, Bo.