There’s been a go-around on education among us recently. Today at the Blythe Food Kitchen, while scarfing seconds of a free 5-course meal, a red-bearded man next to me shifted and whispered, I know that new old lady serving us. And she’s staring hard like she knows me too. The fellow across the table replied, I know, man. I seen her too but can’t place it. They left, and a third street person marched to the new gray-haired server.

‘I recognize you from somewhere but don’t know how.’

It was Appleby grade school here in town, she smiled.

‘That was thirty years ago!’ he gasped.

‘What’s your last name’ she replied..

He turned red and mumbled, ‘I don’t want to say because I was a bad boy. But it was Nelson.’

Yes, but were you Dwight, Gary or Tom?’

Dwight, ma’am, and I’m so sorry.’

That’s OK, young man’, she said. ‘I’ll still serve you.’

Some are born to teach.