Visited the Quick family’s unique compound today. Three trailers stand flush side-to-side with doors banged out for passage. One is given to birds, many which Boy snatched by hand, while the middle trailer is a family room with an extended clan of dogs, cats, lizards, snakes and guinea pigs. A colorful macaw tugs with its beak a string running over pulleys to a fan under which Ma Quick coolly reclines, and the bird even pecks earwax if he takes a cotton to you. Last Christmas the Quicks proudly announced the birth of many bouncing baby scorpions, so they and the mother were turned outside and replaced by a new pet scorpion – the Giant Hairy Green species at 7″ long that lives under an aquarium rock. “He’s tame,” says Boy, setting it on my arm where I stroke it. “Just don’t let him fall down your pants,” chortles Ma, and she should know cuz she got tagged that way. A week following my introduction, Boy exclaims, “The scorpion got loose! A couple days later I was watchin’ TV an f felt a tickle on my shoulder but paid it no mind. It kept up an’ it was him tapping for attention. He was plumb scared of the big world, so I put him in the aquarium an he scurried home under the rock.” Then he grinned from ear to ear like he was the scorpion.