These are my conclusions on the right to bear arms after traveling in 105 countries.

Anyone who says No to guns in America has not been thrown into one of three OK Corrals around the world.

  •         The first is a war.
  •         The second is an anti-American nation.
  •         And the third is a country with a police state.

I don’t own an arm except the two attached to my shoulders. I learned to shoot a Daisy BB gun at the age of seven, a pheasant with a .22 rifle at age nine with my dad, a shotgun a couple of years later in Boy Scouts, and an AK-47 owned by a neighbor veteran a few years ago in Sand Valley, CA.

Yet I’m the only person in this ten mile diameter desert basin of ten citizens who doesn’t own a gun.

The reason I choose not to arm myself is because where I would have used a gun to defend myself, instead I have relied on thousands of mental rehearsals to get out of hundreds of life threatening jams by wit, reflexes and quick feet.

There’s nothing wrong with owning a gun except it becomes a crutch, and a tripling cube to trouble.

The only bad thing about a gun is a wrong person holding it.

In light of the annual lobby fired by American gun companies, and the predictable counter by law enforcement, there are three reasons for you to own a gun that go even higher even than our Constitutional right to bear arms:

  •         We are at war.
  •         There are many countries around the world that hate America.
  •         We are in a near police state which, among unarmed citizens, is the most perilous

corral short of war or invasion.