Yesterday I stopped in at a Peru hospital for a routine exam. Of the three hospitals in Iquitos, I chose Ana Stahl Clinic that the ex-pats frequent rather than the two larger public hospitals where my $200 would have stretched about 30% farther. The Ana Stahl facility is modern and clean with the amenities of a medium size U.S. hospital and about a dozen staff doctors including four who speak English. I walked in cold without an appointment and my Visa card, and this is what I received instantly and professionally in two hours for $200:

  • A 30 minute consultation with an English speaking doctor.
  • Lab tests and same day interpretation including complete blood analysis, liver & kidney function, exams for malaria, Chagas, Dengue, fecal and urine scan, cholesterol & triglyceride, glucose tolerance, and a couple more.
  • In addition, there was an upper body radiograph and ECG.

I was given a clean bill of health to walk the trails and hobo the Amazon tributaries.